Thursday, March 31, 2005

New version of Invitation

Most of us are engaged in awesome transformational work. At the same time, many of us feel that collectively our work is not yet adding up to the great Shift the world needs.

Do you have a feeling, however faint, that there is some vital transformational possibility awaiting just outside our current awareness? Is there something -- some realization, some initiative, some approach -- some breakthrough -- that would make all the difference in the world?

You may already feel you know what that potential breakthrough is, and that it just needs further awareness or support to take hold. If so, we'd love to hear about it.

Or perhaps you are aware of potential breakthroughs but the fact they are still only _potential_ means that they do yet tap deeply enough into the wellsprings of possibility.

We who are writing this letter feel that way. We sense something just out of reach, some breakthough which will only come to us if we reach toward it together in open-minded, open-hearted inquiry. We believe the right kind of conversation will take us to a place where we can find or create the breakthrough(s) that can heal and transform the world as nothing else has.

So we'd like to ask you: If there were to be a strategic conversation powerful enough to lead to such breakthroughs, unleashing an unprecedented catalytic transformational ‘force’ or initiative -- who should be part of it, and what would it look like?

Please let us know your thoughts. You can include yourself -- as well as your colleagues and mentors -- and any processes or practices you believe in. We are interested in what patterns show up when we have heard from dozens of you. And we expect to organize one or more conversations based on those patterns, so that those of us who believe a breakthrough is possible can put our minds, hearts and spirits together to find it.


Blogger merlin wood said...

The global transformation will come just when enough people gain enough knowledge of how the universe is the way that it is, for which a general theory can be discovered and clearly described.

In large part for methodogical reasons, an incorrect interpretation of quantum mechanics has been accepted by the large majority of physicists (although not by Einstein or Schrodinger).

Also, the general theory cannot, in any case, be developed in any detail that can be sufficiently justified just from any evidence of matter and radiant energy on the smallest scale, and requires the use of quite different methods to any used in physics up to now.

This means, in the first instance, physicists have not come to terms with the fact, first revealed back in 1909, that all matter exists despite the forces acting within and upon it.

Thus there can be no general theory - or "theory of everything" - on the presently accepted assumption that the known forces ar all the causes that act universally or that any further such cause would be another push or pull force.

On my foranewageofreason blog (click on my website in my blogspot profile) I have managed to develop a quite detailed hypothesis which gives an outline of what the general theory should be like and this about as far as I personaly have been able to develop it.

But when any established scientists will begin to accept the validity of such a theory I have no real idea. I'm hoping that there's something in this idea that 2012 marks the year of global transformation, at least.

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